A choice brings savings for AV residents

Hate the high cost of utilities? So does the Town of Apple Valley…and we are doing something about it.

Apple Valley Choice Energy (AVCE) is Apple Valley’s, locally-operated, locally-controlled electrical power provider. Made possible by Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), AVCE offers Town residents and businesses a viable alternative to traditional investor-owned utilities. As a municipal service, we offer rates that are typically more affordable than Southern California Edison (SCE), and with a higher percentage of renewable content.

AVCE seeks only to find the best sources of reliable and renewable energy at the lowest possible price and procure it for our customers. Instead of building costly infrastructure, we’ve collaborated with SCE to have them deliver our greener, more affordable power to electricity customers. There are no duplicate charges because we each provide unique services. AVCE procures electricity while SCE delivers that energy to your doorstep, maintains and repairs the infrastructure that carries it, and provides you with convenient customer services including billing.

Through the CCA process, we anticipate rate savings for our citizens. The Town Council is committed to providing Apple Valley residents, businesses and organizations with cleaner, and reliable energy at an affordable rate. The rates of an investor-owned utility are set by the California Public Utilities Commission in San Francisco. Instead, each year the Apple Valley Town Council will conduct a rate-setting process based on the projected energy costs for that year. This process is held at public hearings during the Town Council’s regularly scheduled meetings. The public is invited to attend.

“We won’t be manufacturing power, or building an energy plant. We are simply buying energy at a competitive price and passing the savings on to citizens and businesses,” explained Public Services Manager Joseph Moon.
The Town Council has approved an implementation plan for the CCA that is now under review with the CPUC. Residents and businesses in Apple Valley will receive at least four notices to explain the plan and their options before the program rolls out in April 2017.