Town Council Keeps Rates for AVCE Below SCE Rates

AVCE officially launched in April 2017 and started providing energy to all residential, commercial, industrial and municipal customers within the Town. The Town Council adopted an initial rate schedule to ensure sufficient revenue is collected to cover the operating expenses of AVCE and provide for reserves. In addition to meeting revenue requirements, AVCE’s rates are reviewed annually to provide stability to customers and are typically lower than the Southern California Edison (SCE) per kWh rate. The Council reviewed new rates at the January 23, 2018 meeting and as a result, AVCE customers will continue to receive a minimum of 3% savings on the energy generation portion of their bill, thanks to the rates adopted by the Town Council. In addition, residents that are in the CARE program receive approximately 13% savings on the energy generation rates and Net Energy Metering (NEM) customers that have roof top solar benefit from the program by receiving more than double the credits currently provided by SCE. Rate savings and customer care has made the implementation of AVCE a Town-wide success.